Let us help you select the best paint colors for your project. Whether its exterior, interior or accent colors needed to create the most beautiful backgrounds for living. 

 Interior design paint selection



Sometimes knowing where to start on a home project can be overwhelming. This is for the client who has a space they want to redesign but need help planning and seeing the spaces vision. We come to you and measure the space, talk about your needs and help you come up with a plan leaving you with all the tools you need to create the space yourself. We will draw out with measurements and suggest color palettes and finishes at that time to ensure your project is a balanced cohesive space that you will love.

 Interior Design Consultation



This is a great service for those who have styled some of their home but are stuck on a certain room. With some general measures and photos sent into us, we will shop, select, and create a general floor plan with tear sheet information and links to shop and purchase all items yourself. We follow up with a phone call once all design is complete to see how the process was for you. We ensure a great design and customer satisfaction. -This isn't for you if you need full design services; including ordering, receiving and install of items delivered.
E Design services


This is for someone who may be building a new home or remodeling that needs another set of eyes on selected finishes such as, paint, cabinet and door hardware, flooring etc. With an hour of pre prep (phone calls, emails and coordination), we set up and create a schedule to go to the builders showrooms and look at all finishes as well as look at possible adjustments or some new options that would make for a more cohesive design. Or Maybe your home is complete but, it's lacking that pulled together look that finishing touches create. We can schedule a shopping day for all the accessories and layering pieces and install them in one day. Completing the designed layered look you need.



Please contact the studio to schedule an appointment to discuss your project or to ask any questions regarding the process of working with us. Each design project is unique and therefore is priced accordingly.